March 2019- A Crazy Busy Month!

March 2019- A Crazy Busy Month!

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It has been a crazy busy month with 3 teams serving and preparation for graduation at APNTS. 

We are also losing our lease and preparing to move in June. 

We think we have located a good prospect for our home, but here the renter takes care of repairs and all appliances.  Even the Air-conditioners have been removed from the walls.
We will have to purchase air conditioning and a refrigerator and oven and do some paint and cleanup.  As always we are blessed by our generous support team.  If you would like to help with these one time expenses in our move…  please click on this link.

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  1. Its’ great to see your ministry in action. You are doing a great work and happy to call you friends. Continued prayers for your move.

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