September 2017 – Life is in Fast Forward

September 2017 – Life is in Fast Forward

We are moving ahead in faith that God will open all the doors for us to move to our new position in the Philippines in January 2018.  We have been cleaning out our home and my car has sold for the price needed.   God is so good to us.

We are waiting to hear about a Job for our daughter Kari in Little Rock Arkansas.   Amber, Eeaun and Mikal have been 2 months in their new apartment.  We see them often but we all miss living together.  We continue to pray for a better job for Amber.  We are trusting God to provide for and and make a way for our girls when we go.

We have looked through about a million hard copy photo’s.  (perhaps an exaggeration…).  It has been both emotional and time consuming.  We have reduced by half the amount we will keep.  We press forward on the journey.

We are looking forward, with much anticipation to our upcoming preliminary trip to the Philippines next week.  We have many questions that we hope to have answers for.  I am anxious to see what there is for tools and a shop area.  I am looking forward to seeing the facilities and all the various projects that are already on the books and to start thinking about and planning what needs to happen to complete them. I am looking forward to meeting our new bosses Dr. Bruce Oldham, the president of the seminary and Stephen Gualberto, the Field Strategy Coordinator.  We look forward to hearing their visions and how we can help in bringing them to fruition.   We are excited to meet all the other teammates who have been praying for us and encouraging us.  We will learn what real rain looks like as we travel to this land that has had more rain in one day this past weekend than we get in California in a good year.  Where is my umbrella?

Saturday we spent the afternoon with past church family from Arrow Highway Wesleyan Church.  I grew up there and it was such fun to share our story with old friends.  It was a delight to see my mom, Louise, and her friends together again and enjoy time with folks I had not seen in years.   We are blessed to have these friendships from 50 years ago!  I feel so blessed to have grown up knowing there were so many families who loved me and invested in my spiritual life.  What a reminder to invest in the young people in our churches today!

We will have more info when we return in a week!  We can’t wait to share our story with you!  If you feel God is asking you to participate in our ministry, please pray for us and our family as we make this transition.  If you would like to give to our ministry fund, Click Here.

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  1. So thankful for the missions emphasis you have, and have always had. You are a living legacy and thank God for your example to all those who know you, and all those who will know you in the Philippines.